Job creation opportunities

Job creation opportunities

Unemployment rate has been rampant among Congolese young people and this should change. VIGLOJ team shares this concern with millions of Congolese population and that is why entrepreneurship skills have been incorporated into its model of training. The entrepreneurship program of VIGLOJ enables young people to become more confident in starting their own income generating activities.

Young people that have so far attended VIGLOJ training have themselves acknowledged that they have acquired employability skills necessary to succeed in any working environment. Those who started their own businesses, growth rate is really promising.

Those who graduated from our regular trainings, they are given micro-grant to start up their small income generating business. In addition, best business ideas and projects are encouraged and awarded on the yearly basis.

2013-2018 VIGLOJ created an initiative of training young people in leadership and entrepreneurship. More than 150 young people went through this training and many of them launched their micro enterprises.
As for the entrepreneurship and leadership pillar, we made a small soap business production group that aims at putting the learned skills into practice. Great congratulations to this small soap production group. We supported them by offering them small loans in the form of the products to be disposed of.

Over the next few days ahead,VIGLOJ will continue to focus o the following:

• Train a large number of young people on entrepreneurship

• Organize practical work for these trained young people through organising field trips to see successful individual or societal enterprises.

• Connect these youth-trained entrepreneurs to local level mentors in order to share their experiences

• Set up a small micro-grant for the best young entrepreneurs that designed the best business proposal with a desired community impact

• Organize entrepreneurial hackatons to enable young entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs from different disciplines to think about problems of their communities and propose long term solutions

• Enroll young trained entrepreneurs in our entrepreneurship school and strengthen their network for experience sharing.

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