Leadership Skills training

Leadership Skills training

Leadership skills are of paramount to ensure that VIGLOJ work has the most important long-term impact on the beneficiaries and the entire Congolese society at large. VIGLOJ leadership training program enables young people to think in and out of box while confronting some day-to-day issues. A VIGLOJ philosophy value how hard to be effective leaders is. However, this is the most important skill to acquire and cultivate. In order to be agents of change, youth should unconditionally have a good mastery of the leadership skills as they are entailed in the VIGLOJ module of training.

Through our leadership training program,between 2005-2007 VIGLOJ helped in releasing more than 1500 girls and boys from Mai Mai armed groups that were based in Beni and Lubero territory.
More than 450 young people who had been demobilized and other 450 young people at risk were socio-economically supported by VIGLOJ in their reintegration .

Over the next few days,VIGLOJ will continue to do the following :
 Provide young people with practical tools that can help them evaluate their leadership abilities

• Organize exchange of experiences between youth and leaders

• To provide young people with a library with materials revolving around content of leadership skills

• Organize workshops and conferences in the different schools and community settings.

• Establish a concrete framework for knowledge sharing in order to be real agents of change in their community.

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