YES is a program that includes empowering processes for youth. It helps VIGLOJ to support its youth to mainly develop the skills they need to assess their community. This approach also gives them decision-making power in developing and implementing community change projects. Participating in empowering activities can help VIGLOJ youth avoid risky behaviors and develop into productive healthy adults. That is how the VIGLOJ Human rights education curriculum was designed as a perfect combination of different human rights education models that enable young people to take decisions and become great influence of change in their own communities.

Through this approach we believe that young people and other VIGLOJ clients can be able to eradicate history of violence and poverty that have been ruining the Democratic Republic of Congo. VILGOJ community understands that different issues that have been affecting Congolese society like poverty, limited education opportunities, rampant violence should be kept minimal.

VIGLOJ believe that all activities should be evidence-based through regular monitoring and evaluation. VIGLOJ works with strong conviction that if its members are fully supported, they will be able to engage in the violence prevention. This YES approach is in line with four areas of VIGLOJ intervention. Young people take part in the different activities that include championing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, creating ample opportunities to engage themselves in the different initiatives that affect their entire communities, increasing entrepreneurship skills, etc. 

VIGLOJ is committed to extending its organizational values throughout communications, partnerships, local advocacy efforts, trainings, etc to make sure that all people served by VILGOJ are fully equipped to make sure they can bring a desired impact.