Knowledge sharing

VIGLOJ team is very confident in the organization’s vision and mission. For that reason, it is highly required for young people to share the different aspects of knowledge gained through VIGLOJ intervention. That is how different VIGLO youth are grouped themselves into different associations, with the overall mission of disseminating VIGLOJ work that has a strong impact on the entire Congolese society. We bring together young people trained in local action structures, namely the (Youth Clubs in Action for Human Rights (YCAHR), the Young Leaders Clubs(YLC) the  Forum of Young Entrepreneurs(FYE), and finally these from  Young Peace-builders Club(YPC).

Those young people are always accompanied by in their discussions and reflections especially on the issues of human rights and I the context of fighting any form of discrimination based on ethnicity. Additionally, VIGLOJ understand that the Democratic Republic of Congo is not island. For that reason, the organization connects young entrepreneurs trained by VIGLOJ with other young people from Congo or even beyond borders.

Since the beginning of this year 2018, we have been setting up, at the grassroots level, youth leaders cadership  in action for change in their communities.


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