PEREX-CV (program of supervision and socio-economic reintegration of the ex-combatants and other vulnerable) was created with the aim of providing an effective framework to the demobilized young people who wanted to return to civil life. In addition, these young people who left armed forces and groups did not find a local framework to facilitate their community reintegration and this is the main reason why PEREX-CV was initiated by Mr. DUNIA SIYETU with the overall mission of contributing to the consolidation of peace in the DRC through mentoring of demobilized youth and other vulnerable groups in the community.

We, therefore, found that with PEREX-CV starting from all legal documents to and its name including its objective and organization’s mission and vision via the objectives, PEREX scope of work was too limited limited in time and the space. That is why we shifted from PEREX-CV to Vision Globale de Jeunes (VIGLOJ), with the overall vision of building a new generation of young people that are catalysts for peace and prosperity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On the top of these,there was a real need to effectively prepare all Congolese youth to become real agents of change instead of focusing only on the consequences of violence, unemployment, human rights violations and lack of responsible leadership that must serve the Congolese society at large . Democratic Republic of Congo needed a new generation of young people who understand things differently while bearing in mind all important social values that all Congolese generations irrespective of their background and age should unconditionally cherish.