VIGLOJ role in the December 2018 National elections

VIGLOJ is actively involving young people in presidential,  legislative and provincial elections  scheduled on 23 December 2018.

Important work is being done to sensitise people about the importance of free elections as it is enshrined in the article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Young people have the right to be part of their government by being in it, or choosing the people who are in it.

VIGLOJ has worked tirelessly to educate  Butembo community about  the use  and relevance of electronic machines that will be used in the next elections. The use of this machine  was recently both solicited  and endorsed by the Commission Electorale Nationale Independante (Congolese National Electoral  Commission).  VIGLOJ is organizing campaigns about the rationale of free elections and has been massively encouraging  Butembo population to fully turn up for this important citizenry duty.

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